TVG Unique Luxury Digital Watch - 21 LED Binary Matrix


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This unique eye-catching LED Watch from TVG draws attention and questions wherever you go! A real conversation starter! 21 Colourful LEDs light up this digital watch in various bright colours, creating a unique watch design, can you work out how to read the time? Features water resistance, high abrasion resistant glass, complex alloy case with black finish and integrated adjustable silicone-rubber strap. It can display time, date and week, with a simple 2 button design and adjustable brightness. The fifth generation LED display is OFF while in standby mode, if you press the upper right button, it will show the time after a 2 seconds flash. If you press the lower right button, it sets the time. In addition, you can also set the AUTO BACK LIGHT FLASH to activate every 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

This watch uses a CR2032 lithium watch battery, battery life can vary depending on how often the functions are used, it is calculated to last approximately 1 year if the time is displayed an average of 15 times a day. Dim lights indicate that your battery need replacing, the type of the battery is widely available and can be bought from many stores. Available in 2 different colours.

TVG's Story - In 1986, Fire Liu chased the origins of his watch and came to Switzerland. After three years of studying, he understood in detail why the place was famous for its watches. At the end of 1988, Fire Liu was preparing to develop his own luxury watches. The night before leaving Switzerland to go back to Hong Kong, he envisioned his brand TVG. TVG watch was established in 1997 and has been developing for 20 years. It perfectly combines elements of Chinese and Western cultures, promotes individuality, leads the fashion trend, and pursues high-quality and high-precision forging technology. The main products are: fashion luxury watches, sports watches and smart watches.

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