Wired Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch and PC with 7.2 Feet USB Cable


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AreMe have worked with SWH to create this wired pro controller that uses a USB Plug and Play connection to work with both Nintendo Switch and PC. Ergonomic design and light weight construction makes it comfortable to use, even for long hours of continuous gaming. Well-designed D-Pad which can be operated in eight directions. Left and right analog sticks can be operated accurately with 360 degree all-round precision. Trigger shoulder buttons act quick with responsive performance. VIB button performs the screen-shot function. Comes with a 7.2 Feet USB cable with an anti-interference magnetic ring which ensures better signal transmission. Input voltage DC 5V,operating current 30-40mA. Note: This controller doesn’t support Gyro axis function, vibration functions and turbo functions.

Connection instructions:
1. Connecting with Switch console
1) Insert a game card into a Switch console then power on the console.
2) Place the console into the TV Dock of the console correctly then connect the console to a TV/monitor.
3) Connect this controller to the USB port on the side of the TV Dock, the LED indicator of the controller will be solid bright, first press button “LB” and button “RB” simultaneously then press button “A” to confirm according to the screen prompt, then the controller is ready to be used.

2. Connecting with PC
Just insert the USB plug of the controller to the USB port of a PC, when the PC displays that the driver is installed successfully and the LED is solid bright then the controller is ready to be used. Controller button function can be tested with PC.

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